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e路发 每日新闻播报(November 21)
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e路发 每日新闻播报(November 21)

e路发,julian assange [photo/ic]

>sweden drops assange probe


prosecutors in sweden have dropped an investigation into a rape allegation made against wikileaks co-founder julian assange in 2010. 瑞典检方近日放弃对维基解密联合创始人朱利安·阿桑奇2010年强奸指控的调查。

the reason for this decision is that the evidence has weakened considerably due to the long period of time that has elapsed since the events in question, the swedish prosecution authority said. 瑞典检方称,由于案件已过去太长时间,证据已大大"削弱",因此决定不再继续追查这一案件。

the end of assange's legal troubles in sweden leaves him facing an extradition hearing from the us. 阿桑奇在瑞典的司法麻烦的终结意味着他将面临美国的引渡听证会。

the anti-secrecy campaigner faces 18 criminal charges in the us, including conspiring to hack government computers and violating espionage laws. if convicted, he could face decades in jail. 这位解密者面临美方18项刑事指控,包括密谋侵入政府电脑和违反间谍法等,一旦定罪将面临数十年的牢狱生涯。

assange is currently being held at a british high-security prison. 阿桑奇目前在英国一所警备森严的监狱服刑。

he was sentenced to 50 weeks in prison in may for breaching bail conditions when he took up residence in ecuador's london embassy, where he lived for seven years in order to avoid being sent to sweden. 今年5月,他因违反保释条例被英国法庭判处50个星期的监禁。之前为了不被引渡至瑞典,阿桑奇在厄瓜多尔驻伦敦使馆里度过了7年时间。

that political refuge ended unceremoniously in april, when he was dragged out by british police.今年4月,厄瓜多尔大使馆突然结束了对阿桑奇的政治庇护,他被英国警方从大使馆里拖出。

photo by annie spratt on unsplash

>cambodia bans elephant rides


one of asia's most famous tourist attractions is taking a major stand for animals. 亚洲最著名的一处景点将做出保护动物的重要表态。

following pressure from animal activist groups, apsara, the management authority for the angkor archaeological park in siem reap, cambodia announced in june 2019 it would ban elephant rides in early 2020. 在受到动物保护团体施加的压力后,柬埔寨暹粒吴哥考古公园的管理当局apsara于今年6月宣布,将在2020年初禁止骑大象。

now, the process has already begun.现在,这一程序已经启动。

in 2016, an elephant named sambo died at angkor, drawing worldwide attention. 2016年,一头名为桑博的大象在吴哥公园死亡,吸引了全世界的关注。

her death was blamed on a combination of heat stroke and exhaustion from ferrying so many human beings around. 她的死亡被归咎于中暑和接载太多游客。

the local outlet the khmer times reported that two of the 14 elephants currently at the park, site of the famed angkor wat temple, have been relocated to the nearby bos thom community forest. 当地媒体《高棉时报》报道称,目前在该公园服务的14头大象中已有两头被转移到附近的博斯托姆社区森林中。吴哥考古公园是著名的吴哥窟庙宇的所在地。

"the elephant is a big animal, but it is also gentle and we don't want to see the animals being used for tourism activities anymore," said long kosal, an apsara press representative. "we want them to live in their natural surroundings."apsara的新闻发言人龙库索说:"大象是体积庞大的动物,但也是温和的动物,我们不想再看到大象被用于旅游活动。我们希望它们能在自然环境中生活。"

file photo [photo/ic]

>early mozart minuets sold


an original score of two minuets composed by austrian composer wolfgang amadeus mozart when he was 16 blew past estimates at a sotheby's auction in paris on monday, going under the hammer for 372,500 euros. 18日,奥地利作曲家莫扎特16岁时创作的两支小步舞曲的原创乐稿以37.25万欧元的价格在苏富比于巴黎举行的拍卖会上拍出,远高出该公司预估的价格。

the unpublished, autographed score of the minuets - a stylized dance - contains a few corrections and minor modifications, including one or two that might be in the hand of mozart's father, leopold. 这份未曾发表、附有签名的程式化小步舞曲的乐谱手稿内有几处修正和小幅修改,其中的一两处可能出自莫扎特的父亲利奥波德之手。

the manuscript was kept in mozart's birthplace salzburg by the composer's sister, nannerl, before finding its way into the collection of a fellow austrian, the writer stefan zweig. the score is the only one of the composer's "six minuets k.164" to still be in private hands.该手稿此前由莫扎特的姐姐南内尔保存在他们的故乡萨尔茨堡,后被其"同乡"奥地利作家茨威格收藏。这是莫扎特6首小步舞曲k.164中,唯一仍在私人藏家手中的乐谱。

file photo [photo/sipa]

>fewer students heading to us


china was the world's top contributor to international students in the us for the 10th consecutive time in the 2018/2019 academic year, but the rate of increase has been coming down as both institutions and students fret over their ability to get necessary visas. 2018/2019学年,中国赴美留学继续保持增长,连续十年位列美国最大的留学生来源国。但由于机构和个人均对能否获取所需签证感到担忧,赴美留学人数增长率持续下降。

chinese students in the us rose by 1.7% to 369,548 in the latest full academic year, accounting for about a third of all foreign students in the country, according to the institute of international education's "2019 open doors report on international educational exchange" released on monday in the us. 美国国际教育协会18日发布的《2019年国际教育交流门户开放报告》显示,2018/2019整个学年,中国赴美留学总人数增长1.7%,至369548人,约占美国国际学生总量的1/3。

within that number, undergraduates rose 0.2% to 148,900, while graduate students rose 2% to 133,400. 其中,本科生14.89万人,增长0.2%;研究生13.34万人,增长2%。

but while the chinese total was up, the rate of increase has been coming down steadily from 8.1% in 2015/2016 academic year to 3.6% in 2017/2018.虽然中国留学生总人数有所增加,但增幅却逐年缩小,2015/2016学年中国赴美留学人数增幅为8.1%,2017/2018学年该数字为3.6%。

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